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Shiseido Aqualabel Milky Mousse Foam 130g

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  • A face-washing cream that removes impurities from the depths of pores.
  • This removes impurities from the depths of pores.
  • Protects the moisture in the skin, washes and makes your skin smooth.
  • A face-washing cream that is pleasant to use.
  • Contains collagen GL* and beauty cream ingredients. *Water soluble collagen, glycerin.
  • The rich fine lather can penetrate deep into pores to remove trace dirt and excessive sebum.
  • Made in Japan
How to use:
  • Squeeze about 1cm onto your palm and add a little water to work into rich lather.
  • Apply on the entire face with rotating strokes then rinse thoroughly with water.

Customer Reviews

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I like it!

I am Japanese and have sensitive skin. Currently, I live in Texas. There are some Japanese cosmetics in the grocery store in my residential area, but not many.
I tried American cosmetics, but there are many problems such as dry skin and rashes, and the makeup does not come off properly.
I searched the Internet for a website that sells Japanese cosmetics and purchases this product.
After all, Japanese products are safe and have no problem on my skin.
I like it very much! Thanks you.

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