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Bouncia Airy Bouquet Body Soap 500ml, Rose Scent

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  • Bouncia Airy Bouquet Body Soap is a popular Japanese body wash brand and it has large volumes of Soft Foam for quicker absorption of nutrients to your skin. Ingredients are mostly derived from plants and help with moisturizing & smoothen your skins and contains hyaluronic acid, collagen, and milk butter. It is suitable for all types of skin and has a light rose scent. Free Shipping on Qualified Orders
  • Highly moisturizing body soap that protects moisture with the best dense foam in the history of Bouncia.
  • With a new extra rich foam formula, the fine foam cushions do not put a strain on the skin, and it is smooth.
  • Beautiful skin ingredients: Shea butter, hyaluronic acid and collagen.
  • Rose Scent
How to use:
  • Turn the nozzle counterclockwise while fixing the screw cap.
  • When the pump is up, press it several times until the contents come out.
  • Apply an appropriate amount to a towel or sponge soaked in hot water.
  • Made in Japan
Tokyo-On Bouncia Airy Bouquet Body Soap 500ml, Rose ScentTokyo-On Bouncia Airy Bouquet Body Soap 500ml, Rose Scent

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Love it

Love the soft scent, even a man can use it. It cleans without stripping my skin of moisture and actually removes impurities . Will be buying refill bag if available.

Smells so beautiful

I've been using Perfect Whip Body (White floral) for the longest time and one day this brand popped up. I did a little research and learned that this ranked no.1 on body wash in Japan (They rank EVERYTHING!) so decided it give it a try. It's standing next to my Perfect whip and I see myself keep using this one only. It smells so delicate and it lathers just as well as Perfect Whip. I feel so pretty taking a shower with this, you'd know what I mean when you use it. Highly recommend!

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