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Alovivi Pearl Barley Beauty Water Moisture Lotion 500ml

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  • Contains eight times Coix essence*, which includes multi-protein, vitamin and mineral elements, working like inject rich hydration essence and nutrition to the skin thus help it back to normal condition.
  • Coix, from ancent , is reported as an elective factor for whiting, smoothing and balancing the skin. Grown in the high lands, it can help solve multiple skin issue such as acne, pimple.
  • Balance the skin from he deep with Coix essence's a great power of hydration
  • Free fragrance-free coloring, good for sensitive skin
How to use:
  • After clean of bath, use plenty of tail shower or after a bath. Included a sufficient amount to cotton or tissue paper, is even more effective when the 5-minute about face pack.
  • Made in Japan

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

I really like it. My skin is very stable by using this lotion.

Amazingly hydrating toner + worth the value size!

GREAT toner! You get a TON for your money & it lasts FOREVER.
I've used it just with my hands and with a toning pad & it's amazing either way. It's an amazing, hydrating, & soothing toner. Also good if your skin is a little sunburned. Also a really great layering toner if you do multiple steps. Definitely recommend!

It works well for me

Being a nurse and wearing a mask has put a toll on my face. It was irritated, angry red, and broken out. Just after a couple days of using it, I swear by this product. Smells great and my tone is even. The redness is gone and my face feels incredibly smooth. Also, I absolutely LOVE the smell of this. Will forever be in my routine.


This product is very nice... it feels nice, relaxing and relieving on the skin, like an extra special step in a skin care routine. It made my skin feel soothed, very soft and smooth. It did not irritate even the most sensitive area of my face. or lend any undesirable tightening, dryness, etc... I felt spoiled , and that is a very good thing. I do recommend - but as not to try to dissuade, in my own routine of cleansing, follow up a toner, a mucin, moisturizer, I am not entirely sure if I do need a "before toner" treatment... though it has very pleasant results... hmmm decisions decisions



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