Why Japanese Products?

You may have linked Japanese products to some downrights weird stuff, but have you thought about the creativity of the manufacturer and how much passion they innovated new useful products and blew our minds? Such a simple phrase “Made in Japan”, it instantly evokes an image of unique design and high-quality production. Japan today is known for creating some of the most stylish, creative and fanciful products in the world. 


Walking down the street of Tokyo you will see the national obsession with high-quality products is nakedly clear. Japanese consumers have long been obsessed with goods that are consumer-friendly polish. With the high demand for good quality products, Japanese companies did not give up on innovating the best. Products that are made in Japan are about extreme efficacy, delicate design and simplicity. Japan companies approached “improving all organizational processes through the people who used them.” It allowed them to achieve high-quality goods without drastically increasing the prices, especially in the consumer beauty industry. Japanese focus on creating high quality products as simple as possible. Think of the cosmopolitan way Japanese design a zen garden, it is just what is minimal and the best you will get. 


Something unique about Japanese product design is that they do not only care about handmade products, they care even if the product is machine-made or mass-produced. The key element of Japanese design is the good often embodies the craftworkers’ ethic of “monozukuri” (ものづくり) which means manufacturing. The word “monozukuri” (ものづくり) described as technology and processes integrating development, production and procurement, which included intangible qualities such as craftsmanship and dedication to continuous improvement. “Monozukuri” (ものづくり) is the key principle for Japanese in pursue improvement, this traditional idea is probably the most important influence on contemporary Japanese product design. Japanese companies make sure their products are better than function well and look good.

 Japanese have a philosophy of life that is very different from the West. Japanese products are about the delicate innovation with the best quality and consumer-friendly packaging. The sociological concept of "kaizen" (改善) rooted in the mind of every japanese to be consistently seeking perfection. Japanese companies are never the exception in always "kaizen" (改善) to improve their products. With the mentality of the Japanese manufacturer, “Made in Japan” simply represents the kind of quality and legitimacy that very few other countries represent. 


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