Our Story

Established in May 2020, Tokyo-On is dedicated to providing high-quality Japanese snacks & food, beauty, health products, home appliance and etc. to all people living in the US.
Headquartered in the Eagan, Minnesota, Tokyo-On operates independently for more than 1500 different Japanese products. We aim to provide a various selection of high-quality Japanese products to not only the Asian community but this whole community. We rapidly develop partnerships with all kinds of suppliers and vendors in order to provide our customers with everything they demand.
Starting from May 2020, Tokyo-On attracts more and more new customers to consult products, make purchases, and make reservations. At the same time, we continue to invest and enhance all services for providing customers exceptional shopping experience and satisfaction. 
Tokyo-On was founded by 4 University of Minnesota Alumni. They are considering such ideas individually for a long time before knowing each other. Thanks to an unexpected opportunity, they met each other at a party; after sharing their ideas, they realized they have the same goals and similar plans. Additionally, friends and families are frequently complaining about some online stores’ long post time, cancellation of orders, very few Japanese products, troublesome Japan direct mail orders, and etc. Thus, Tokyo-On is established to serve people from all communities who faced the same issues. 
We aim to provide a wide range of Japanese products for everyone who has such needs, and we believe everyone deserves to be able to find what they need and get those products in a convenient way. We provide the best online shopping experience along with outstanding customer services in order to give every customer great shopping experiences. We hope our customers can enjoy those high quality Japanese and Asian products and have wonderful lifestyles.
Tokyo-On aims to serve all communities with a wide range of products and outstanding shopping experiences starting from the middle west of the USA to all over North America.
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