Quality Guarantee

Thank you for choosing to shop from us. Tokyo-On has a mission to only sell authentic products. All goods sold from us are purchased from licensed suppliers. We are and will always carefully select our suppliers and products to ensure our customers receive the best quality products. For products, which have new packaging, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service regarding your concerns, we will provide you with further details.

Supplier Document Review:

We hold our suppliers to very strict standards. Suppliers who are proven to hold sales certificates are required to ensure the safety and authenticity of their items.

Product Quality Inspection Report Review:

All goods on Tokyo-On have been inspected and stored properly.

Warehousing Full Inspection:

Tokyo-On has professional inspections to check all products we received. We have 100% full inspection on the product packaging, validity and other processes, and we also regularly check those products' quality.

Out of Warehouse Full Inspection:

All products sent out from Tokyo-On warehouse are checked by professional quality inspection staff to ensure the packaging and its quality meet the quality requirements.

Made in Japan

All Japanese products sold on our website are 100% made in Japan.

Made in Korea

All Korean products sold on our website are 100% made in Korea.

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