Enough of Silence: We Need Actions

We stand with and support the communities in the work to fight against discrimination & inequaility.
In response to the tragic murder of George Floyd and racial injustice around the States, Tokyo-On would like to express our heartfelt condolences to George Floyd’s family. In addition, Tokyo-On will not remain in silence and will continue to stand with the African American Community to fight racism.
Although Tokyo-On is a start-up company in its early stages, we as the founders of Tokyo-On vow to do our part in the fight against racism. Hence, each year we are donating 1%-3% of our total profits to the Minnesota Freedom Fund, the ACLU, as well as various local LGBTQ organizations in Minnesota. These organizations have been continuously fighting hard for both social and racial injustice, even long before the George Floyd incident. The least we can do is to contribute to these organizations.
We are devastated by police brutality and the excessive and often illegal use of force against African American civilians. We will continue to stand and support African Americans and all other ethnic minorities affected by racial discrimination.
Black lives matter.
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